Moses Electric, Inc. is pleased to introduce our latest service to our customers, Thermal Infrared Imaging. As electrical contractors serving the South since 1932, we have installed, maintained, and repaired thousands of electrical systems. We have seen the costly effects of improperly manufactured or installed and poorly maintained electrical systems. We have learned the importance of finding a problem before it finds you, our customer. It has been our experience that only a handful of the electrical fault damages we have repaired could not have been detected and prevented with the insight given by Thermal Infrared Imaging. We believe that Thermal Infrared Imaging is unsurpassed in detecting problems that cause unnecessary heat leading to premature failure of electrical and mechanical equipment. Thermal infrared cameras can ‘see’ overheating motors and bearings, failing electrical connections, overloaded breakers or imbalanced circuits. The images shown here provide evidence of this. This proven method of predictive maintenance holds a number of benefits, primarily the cost savings by preventing unscheduled downtime due to the failure of equipment with unforeseen internal problems. While the Infrared Scan basically consists of our Level II Certified Thermographer taking thermal photographs, we offer as an option an additional service department crew member who can assist in making any emergency repairs while onsite, thus reducing your costs even further by avoiding a separate service call. Furthermore, this noninvasive service should be performed while your facility is fully operational, underlining the convenience factor. Please read on for more details regarding our infrared service. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you stay ahead of electrical failures and stay online.

More about Infrared Thermographic Testing (ITT)

As most equipment tends to fail because of degradation over time, this slow process can lead to excessive heat being created internally, which in turn often hastens the degradation, and worsens the situation. ITT helps you to identify failing and stressed components early, allowing for strategic and preventive maintenance to be carried out ahead of time, thus reducing resultant plant downtime.

ITT can monitor virtually any electrical circuit, connection, bearing, coupling, cable joint, switchboard, bus-bar or any other electrical component or piece of machinery or equipment.  ITT will help you strategically target areas requiring preventive maintenance to achieve improved overall results and performance. 

By using live thermographic images, ITT records where excessive heat is being emitted. Various resolution and wavelength options are used to record heat signatures for either close-up surveys of indoor equipment, or external and long-range subjects.  Following an onsite recording, the images are provided in a comprehensive report, allowing you to make informed choice about solutions to problem areas.

ITT will help you confidently plan and schedule preventive maintenance for your electrical infrastructure.  By being able to foresee and fix trouble spots early, breakdowns can be avoided, and consequential loss in plant downtime and lost production can be reduced.

While most new installations are designed to strict specifications, problems in design, construction and workmanship are always possible. For this reason, an ITT survey should not only be utilized for older or problem prone components and infrastructure, but also for new equipment. We recommend an initial commissioning survey, and that subsequent thermal scans are performed annually during peak season.

All Infrared Images shown here are property of Moses Electric, Inc., and were taken by Joel Farmer, a 9-year employee and Level II Thermographer.